Flagship attack from HTC! Here are the claims


HTC, which has not achieved the desired results in the smartphone market for many years, is preparing to return to the market with a flagship phone model. The company, which introduced an entry-level device with the Wildfire R70 in March, was lastly preparing for the middle segment.

Taiwanese, once one of the largest in the smartphone market, is preparing to be born out of its ashes.

What features will the HTC flagship have?
The fact that the company has recently unveiled wireless headphones reinforces these claims. Judging by all these leaks, HTC is constantly working to close the gap during the pandemic. The firm, which has an important place in the market especially with its material quality, has struggled with software problems for a long time.

According to recent strong rumors, it is producing a smartphone equipped with HTC Snapdragon 865. In fact, the model, which is preparing to enter the production line, is expected to be released in July. It is among the expectations that the phone to be revealed will be the continuation of the HTC U12 Plus.

However, according to the information that has emerged, the firm is in great harm and this may be the last option to give life to the flagship company to be made. The company, which has not produced flagship phones for two years, has relied on crypto phones for a long time. However, neither the success of HTC Vive nor Exodus was enough to be an ointment to the company’s wounds.

The company’s total revenue was announced as 10 million dollars in April. According to these figures, the company seems to have shrunk by 31.25 percent compared to last month and 49.86 percent compared to last year.

So what do you think, can HTC hold onto the flagship market with this last effort? We are waiting your comments.


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