Fixing privacy violating feature in Chrome


Due to pandemic conditions, most people work remotely and hold their meetings online. Since this situation requires a certain level of screen sharing, some problems such as notifications may occur during this process. But Google is finally solving this potential problem by hiding the content in notifications while your screen is being shared.

Google starts to pay more attention to privacy

“There has been a dramatic change in our work for most of us – we now rely more than ever on the use of Google Meet and other screen sharing solutions. We hope this feature will reduce distraction while sharing your screen and prevent accidental viewing of sensitive or personal information. ” Introducing the new Chrome feature with its description, Google provides users with an important and necessary update to take a sigh of relief.

With this new update, users will be able to privately see their notifications without sharing any private information with their colleagues. When the screen sharing ends, the notifications will continue to show the content. If notifications showing content are not a problem for you, you can also select “Show All” when a hidden notification is opened.

The new feature is available for both personal and Workspace Google accounts. Privacy has become a major focus for the company with the latest release, with the update to be available as part of Chrome 88 on the desktop, which launches a series of new features for the browser.


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