Fixed MCU Continuity Bug For Disney+ Related to “Spider-Man: No Way Home”


Fans of the Marvel cinematic universe have been anticipating the appearance of a number of key elements from the overall fictional universe for many years. Among other things, they like multi-layered superheroes, exciting stories and stunning action sequences. Continuity has become no less important. Devotees love it when plot points and Easter eggs seamlessly connect, although sometimes the franchise does fail in this area. For example, in the Disney+ MCU series, an error related to “Spider-Man: There is no way home” recently appeared. But now the streamer has fixed this error.

In 2021, in the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” there was an intriguing change made to one of New York’s most iconic landmarks. It turned out that the MCU version of the Statue of Liberty had been restored to its original copper color. He was even given a shield (which was apparently destroyed at the end of No Way Home), which was intended in honor of Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. In the scenery of Jersey City, “Miss Marvel” showed the New York skyline several times, including the famous statue. However, when it appeared, it still had the blue-green hue we know.

The eagle-eyed fans seemed to have noticed a small bug, and now one of them has also taken the time to highlight the fix. On Twitter, the fan account drew attention to this detail, and several people mentioned in the comments that they had recently noticed it while watching “Miss Marvel”. Photos “before” and “after” you can see in the next post:

To be honest, this is a very small detail in the grand scheme of the cinematic universe, but it is appreciated by fans of continuity (like me). Such elements help create the illusion that the MCU is really the only place where various major events overlap. Thus, this particular situation makes it clear that Kamala Khan’s first solo performance really takes place after the events of Peter Parker’s multiverse trilogy.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time one of Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man movies has been involved in continuity. “Homecoming” in 2017 made fans think when the title card said that the events of the film took place eight years after the events of “The Avengers” in 2012. (In fact, the gap was only four years.) The head of the company, Kevin Feigy, drew attention to the error at the time, saying that it was not intended to “confuse” anyone. He also stated that the studio needs to publish an official timeline, which will be released as a book later this year.

Marvel creatives had mixed feelings about the importance of following the schedule. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” producer Nate Moore told CinemaBlend just a few months ago that the time jump in “Avengers: Finale” is complicating things at the moment. A few years ago, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, said that continuity was not a big problem for him, although he later admitted a mistake in Vol. 2, in which Stan Lee participated.

In fairness, the Marvel cinematic universe has become so overgrown that it is difficult for those in power to cover every base. Surely there will be people who have quibbles, such as Miss Marvel’s Statue of Liberty. But in the long run, as long as the main plot threads remain, most viewers should be happy.

You can watch “Miss Marvel” by streaming it on a Disney+ subscription, and Hulu subscription owners can treat themselves to watching “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Also keep an eye out for upcoming Marvel TV shows.


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