Five women sentenced for TikTok phenomenon in Egypt!


With the spread of technology and the internet, the use of social media has increased significantly. Over the years, many new social media platforms have also started to be preferred by people. TikTok, which has been widely used in the last few years, is one of them. According to the latest reports, five women have been sentenced to prison for the TikTok phenomenon in Egypt.

Recently, TikTok was on the agenda with the news of its acquisition by Microsoft. A statement on the subject was made by Trump.

Five women sentenced to prison for the TikTok phenomenon

Five TikTok phenomenon women in Egypt were sentenced to prison for posting videos violating family values. Many human rights groups called on the authorities to release young women. Many users who wanted to increase the number of followers on social media started to shoot different types of videos to be liked.

Rahima, sister of the TikTok phenomenon Mawada el Adham, who was arrested in May and sentenced to two years in prison, said: “We were shocked. My brother did nothing wrong. He just wanted to be famous and to be liked. ” found in the description.

Making a statement about the prison sentence given to the TikTok phenomenon, the prosecutor stated that the videos were immoral. Mawada, a 22-year-old university student, shared videos of dancing and singing along to famous songs. But Mawada is not the only female phenomenon ever sentenced to prison. The TikTok phenomenon, four women who suffered the same fate, are now behind bars. TikTok phenomena have to pay a fine of 20 thousand dollars each, in addition to imprisonment.

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According to Amnesty International, the Egyptian prosecutor’s office has charged Mawada of immorality. There are 17 photographs in the file as evidence for this claim. Mawada states that these photos were leaked from her phone stolen last year.


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