Five Times Big in One Month: What Is Helium?


Helium (HNT) price went up five times in one month and went up to $ 9.97 on March 22, making ATH. So what are Helium and HNT?

Helium (HNT); It gained 112 percent on the monthly chart, 126 percent on the two-week chart and 49 percent on the weekly chart. On a daily basis, his earnings were 12 percent and reached an all-time high.

With a market value of 722 million dollars, HNT has a daily trading volume of 19 million dollars.

What are Helium and HNT tokens?

Helium is a decentralized network that enables electronic devices to connect to the internet wirelessly. The network states that the service it offers is a first in the world with its low cost and security as well as being peer-to-peer. The Helium network is open source and indicates that the data of the devices connected to the network is protected by encryption until the storage stage.

The Helium network works with the Proof-of-Coverage mechanism. The network functions with hotspot devices and these devices enable participation in the Helium network by using the PoC mechanism in their area.

Miners can earn HNT tokens by mining with the Helium hotspot device. The network is in testing for staking. The network’s local token is HNT; It is used as a payment method in hotspot usage, network verification, internet access. At the same time, HNT is required for data transfer and networking between devices.

The supply of the HNT token is stated as 223 million, while the supply in circulation is 73 million. Exchanges with HNT tokens; Binance, Bilaxy, Hotbit, FTX, WazirX,, SerumDEX.


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