Five Possible Destinations in January For Cristiano Ronaldo After Leaving Manchester United


After Manchester United finally confirmed Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure on Tuesday, the Portuguese superstar is now hunting for a new club.

Which club will be willing to take on his gigantic wage demands, and the baggage that comes with being the most popular person on the planet, remains to be seen.

In the summer, Ronaldo campaigned for leaving Old Trafford, but found that his options are limited due to the fact that he prefers a team that can offer him football in the Champions League this season.

Top clubs have been quick to distance themselves from the aging superstar, but without United as a safety net, Ronaldo will need to convince someone that he is worth the trouble.

Although Ronaldo scored 18 league goals last season, United endured one of the worst campaigns in recent memory, and most of the blame for this was laid on the Portuguese.

Ronaldo can no longer outrun defenders or press with the intensity that the modern game requires, and he needs to adapt in exchange for a guarantee of goals scored.

Chelsea are still closely linked with his signing, but it seems that the main driver is new owner Todd Boly, not Blues boss Graham Potter.

Chelsea will provide an opportunity to add to his Champions League goal tally, and Ronaldo remains open to a move to London.

Bayern Munich is another club approached by agent Jorge Mendes, and it probably represents Ronaldo’s ideal destination: an almost guaranteed league title in the fourth country, as well as a chance for glory in the Champions League.

If PSG shows interest in the 37-year-old, and Lionel Messi is still playing at the Parc des Princes, then the eyes of the whole world will turn to Paris to see how two great rivals play for the same team.

Sporting Lisbon can offer Ronaldo a real return to his homeland. Ronaldo always assumed that he would play in Lisbon before hanging up his boots, but his salary must suffer seriously if he decides to return to Portugal by this romantic route.

MLS is another viable option for Ronaldo, and clubs will be queuing up to battle the superstar to shed light on themselves and the improving league as a whole.

David Beckham’s Inter Miami could be a possible destination as they try to assert themselves in the division.

Finally, there is the option of an exciting financial move to Saudi Arabia with an unnamed Saudi club ready to offer Ronaldo a two-year contract worth 350 million euros in the summer, and despite his wealth, such money will certainly be heavy. refuse.

Wherever Ronaldo ends up, United must now turn their attention to a new era without a star, as Eric Ten Haag paves the way back to the top of the English football pyramid.


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