Five League of Legends Champions Who Need a New Skin


There are a lot of champion skins in League of Legends. Only in the 2021 season, the developer Riot Games stated that the goal was to release 140 skins, and in the end they released 127. Comparing this with the current number of champions, which is 161, you might think that almost all champions received at least one skin last year. and you would be wrong. Here are 5 League of Legends champions who didn’t get skins last year, let alone for several years.

All days were recorded at the time of writing. This list was last updated on December 4, 2022.

5. Ivern – 723 days

Ivern is one of the newly released champions on this list, so it makes sense that he only has a few options to choose from. His newest was Old God Ivern, released over two years ago.

Despite the fact that Ivern has not passed the peak of “once in a blue moon” in the jungle recently, except for a short stay in the professional game in early 2022, there are still a few dedicated tree climbers in the Gorge hoping to get a new skin for their beloved Green Father. Fortunately for them, there are only three options so far, all of them are pretty high-quality skins.

4. Skarner – 771 days

Skarner has not seen a new skin for a long time, the last of which was Cosmic Sting Skarner two years ago.

Scarner remains a niche player in the forest, however, with the new tank items introduced in the preseason, he is attracting more attention. The champion itself was released in 2011, in one of the first patches of the game. Despite his age, he received only five skins, on average every 2.2 years. Fortunately for Scarner’s loyal player base, he hasn’t been forgotten, and he has VGU on his schedule. This may mean that our crystal scorpio will have to wait a little longer for a new shell.

3. Singed – 783 days

The mad chemist Singed has not received a single skin for two years.

Sinjed, like some of the champions on this list, is almost as old as League of Legends itself. During his long stay in the Rift, he accumulated 10 skins, which is an average of one skin every 1.3 years. One of these skins is not available in the usual way — Riot Squad Singed. Four more are rare and locked behind the Heritage Vault. This leaves only 4 skins that Singed players can buy regularly. At the same time, he has already been waiting for almost two years since his previous skin, “Scorched Resistance”.

The most recent Singed skin was Resistance Singed, released on November 12, 2020. He was a character in the critically acclaimed Netflix show Arcane, which provided some of the participating champions with an Arcane-related skin. It’s a pity we didn’t get the Singed skin before it was… singed.

The champion has also witnessed a resurgence of the professional game, mostly chosen in a support role to counter Yumi. However, in a casual game, this champion is chosen only by trolls and one-trick tricksters, so I wouldn’t pin my hopes on a new Singed skin in the near future. Players will have to stick to using Beekeeper Singed for maximum tilt.

2. Nocturne — 937 days

Nocturne ranks 3rd among the champions who have been waiting for the skin the longest. Of course, he has a relatively wider library of skins to choose from, but the last time he received a new look for his claws was in June 2020. can be purchased from the Mythic Essence store when it is eventually released. Prior to that, his last regular skin was Old God Nocturne in August 2019.

Fortunately for Nocturne players, the visual update of Nocturne for all its effects and skins in September 2020 kept most of its skins up to date. I hope that his recent resurgence in the professional game will again shift Riot’s gaze to the Eternal Nightmare, since his entire theme is cool, and I’m sure that the updated selection of skins for this champion will be highly appreciated by his players.

1. Dr. Mundo – 1490 days

Dr. Mundo, like others on this list, also received a full restart on June 9, 2021. This meant that everything in the champion, including skins, was redesigned and changed. At the same time, a whole year has passed since then, and even more time has passed since his last skin, Frozen Prince Mundo, was released.

Frozen Prince Mundo was released in 2018 and underwent very minor changes when Dr. Mundo was relaunched. Other skins, such as the legendary Corporate Mundo skin, have been drastically changed, but of course it remains a mystery why the self-proclaimed doctor kept his wardrobe closed for so long.

Most of Dr. Mundo’s skins, including the most recent Frozen Prince Mundo, are in the Heritage Vault. Only four of his 10 skins are available in normal mode.

Honorable mentions

Udyr – 1238 days

Riot had previously expressed their dissatisfaction with the skins of the Scamper, and this is quite understandable. The shaman has four racks, each of which should look and feel different than the other skins and racks, which makes creating a single skin for this guy a difficult artistic and thematic task. The last time he saw a skin release was almost three years ago with Dragon Oracle Udyr.

Udir has only a few skins, the most recent of which are the April Fools skin “Definitely not Udir” and the Absolute skin “Ghost Guardian Udir”. They were released 7 and 9 years ago, respectively. While they all sound pretty old, none of them are actually outdated, as Udir will get a visual update in 2020, as well as a visual update earlier this year. Despite three years of waiting, Udir doesn’t really count, as all of his skins have just received an update with his recent VGU.

Aurelion Sol — 825 days

Aurelion Sol didn’t wait that long compared to our top-class players on this list. For some reason, the daring space dragon has only three skins. Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol, released on October 1, 2020, was the last time he starred in a brand new skin.

His latest skin was released along with Talia, who has already received a new skin with her Star Keeper Talia. Maybe it’s time to pay attention to Aurelion Sol?

Fortunately, Aurelion Sol, it seems, was not forgotten and thrown into the corner of the champion’s choice, left to rot. Riot have expressed interest in reworking Aurelion Sol’s gameplay, and we’ve seen a small glimpse of this update.

They also mentioned that there will be no visual update with it. All Aurelion Sol’s players can do now is hope that they decide to release a new skin with a gameplay update.

Calista – 727 days

Calista has only four skins, which is crazy considering she was released in 2014. Two of her skins are in the Heritage Vault, one is Calista Championship and the other is Calista SKT T1. So in fact, Calista players only have two skins.

Lately, Calista seems to have been a forgotten champion in terms of gameplay. She lags behind her fellow shooters in terms of freedom of action, presence and win rate.

As part of Riot, expanding the history of Runterra with the events of Ruin in 2022, we got an idea of Calista before she became the ghost of the undead, which she is now. Calista was shown in all her glory as a princess-general as part of the promotion of the novel “Destruction”. Her uncle, the main figure of this whole event, received the King of Viego for the skin, so we know that Riot has not shied away from creating additional skins. It was a huge missed opportunity that not a single human skin of Calista was released at the same time.

Which League of Legends champion are you hoping to get a new skin for? (please don’t say Lux)


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