Five Jungkook Dances That Make ARMY Fall in Love


Fall in love with Jungkook’s steps, here we leave you the best dances of the BTS singer.

The boys of BTS became the most sought after K-pop band in the world, but before their big debut, the members received hard training preparation over many years in the areas of dancing, rap, singing, and modeling.

Jungkook is known as the Golden Maknae, she is BTS’s minor idol, but she has impressed fans with her talents on stage.

The interpreter of the Bangtan Boys is a sign that artistic skills are not at odds with age.

The idol originally from the city of Mandeokdong in Busan, South Korea is a very complete dancer, since he masters several genres and his movements are characterized by being clean, strong and determined.

In Somagnews, we bring you 5 dances and choreographies of Jeon Jungkook that have remained in the heart of ARMY.

Jungkook’s best dances
Coming Of Age Ceremony

‘Coming Of Age Ceremony’ is one of the best known songs in South Korea, Jungkook and Jimin made a special cover of the official choreography of the track, showing its versatility and presence.

Fake love

‘Fake Love’ is one of the most representative dances of BTS, the choreography plays with each of the idols’ talents. Jungkook shows her talents and great performance on stage.

Mic Drop

‘Mic Drop’ is one of the BTS songs that requires the most strength and power for their performance. Jungkook always shows his character and claw on this show.

Perfect man

The boys of BTS performed a special cover of ‘Perfect Man’ original song by the K-pop group Shinhwa. Jungkook showed his prowess and professionalism in each step of the difficult choreography.

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‘Dynamite’ is one of the most famous songs by the boys of BTS, the choreography is very funny and inspired by the King of Pop, so it is demanding and requires a lot of physical effort.


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