Five cashback cards to earn cash back on the invoice


Cashback became popular in Brazil with the arrival and consolidation of digital financial services. The practice, which consists of returning a portion of the money spent to the consumer, has several models and is present in various services, such as credit and debit cards. Banco Inter, C6 Bank and Méliuz are some options that offer cashback to customers.

Currently, several companies offer the benefit, seeking to attract new users and win over consumers. TechTudo has prepared a list of five cards that offer cash back for you to choose which is the best cashback credit card on the market. Check out digital banks that offer cashback below.

1. Original Bank

Banco Original customers participate in the cashback program automatically when they use a credit or debit card. Users accumulate points that can be redeemed for credit on the invoice or the current account. The balance is released within seven business days after payment of the credit card bill, and can be redeemed through the Banco Original application for Android and iPhone (iOS).

Cashback percentages vary depending on card type and expenses. Original International, for example, has a conversion rate of 0.15% in total spending for the month. Users who pay from R $ 1,500 in credit receive 0.3% of the return value. In the Original Gold card, the conversion factor into invoices is 0.15%, rising to 0.5% in credit expenses above R $ 1.5 thousand.

At Original Platinum, the conversion rate is 0.5%. From R $ 5,000, the factor is 1%. With Original Black, the return percentage is 0.75%, or 1.5% for expenses above R $ 10,000. In the debit function, any purchase or contracting of services using the card has a cashback of 0.15%.

2. Banco Inter

Banco Inter offers two cashback programs, both activated automatically. In the institution’s own modality, users receive part of the money back in up to 30 days when shopping at Super App Mall. The cashback percentage is established by each store and varies according to the partner.

There is also the Mastercard reward program, in which the money is reversed as a balance in Banco Inter’s digital account after the payment of the invoice. Inter Mastercard Gold, Standard or São Paulo cards return 0.25% cashback on top of the value of the purchases posted on the invoice. Inter Mastercard Platinum has a return of 0.5%, and Inter Mastercard Black offers 1% cashback.

3. C6 Bank

Users of C6 and C6 Carbon cards automatically subscribe to cashback, and can exchange part of the money spent on purchases for a balance in reais in the account with the Átomos points program. Unlike the other services listed, C6 Bank does not determine a percentage of cashback, but stipulates the amount that the consumer should receive back according to the amount of points he accumulates. Points can be redeemed at the Atoms store in the C6 Bank app.

In the C6 plan, which does not charge a monthly fee, for each R $ 1 spent on the credit function, the customer accumulates 0.05 points. In the debit modality, the account holder receives 0.03 points for every R $ 1. Anyone who wages portability in this plan still redeems 3 thousand points in the first year. One hundred points are equivalent to R $ 2, while one thousand are converted to R $ 20. Five thousand points can yield R $ 125, and 10 thousand points are equivalent to R $ 250.

In the modality of the C6 Carbon card, which corresponds to the Black version of Mastercard, the C6 Bank customer earns 2.5 points for every US $ 1 spent, and salary portability generates 12 thousand points in the first year. With the Atoms program, it is also possible to use the benefit to purchase airline tickets and in-app store products and services.

4. Méliuz

To receive cashback from Banco PAN’s Méliuz credit card, simply make purchases with it. The return percentages vary according to the value of the user’s invoice, and may reach 0.8%. Customers who have total card spending up to R $ 750 in the month still receive 1% extra cashback on online purchases. In invoices between R $ 751 and R $ 1.5 thousand, the conversion rate is 0.5% for all purchases and an additional 1% for extra cashback for online purchases.

Customers who spend more than R $ 1,500 in the month receive 0.8% cashback on all purchases plus 1% extra cashback on online purchases. You must complete R $ 20 of balance to redeem the amount. Through the Méliuz application, the user can choose to receive the money back in a current or savings account: just go to “Your Account”, tap “Redeem” and enter bank details.


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