Fitbit Luxe Offers A Choice For Those Looking For A Stylish Smart Bracelet


Fitbit Luxe unveiled its new smart bracelet that bears its name. Information about the bracelet, which looks like a more “fashion-oriented” version of the Inspire 2, has recently leaked onto the internet. Those who buy the Fitbit Luxe, which is available for $ 149.95 in the US, will be able to access the Fitbit Premium service for 6 months at no extra cost.

A new program called Mindful Method was launched in Fitbit Premium service recently. This program, prepared by Deepak Chopra, includes 30 video sessions on awareness and wellness.

No exact release date has been announced for the Fitbit Luxe yet. However, the company plans to launch the smart bracelet before spring ends. For this reason, it seems that it will not be necessary to wait for too long.

In the statement made by Fitbit, it was stated that the Fitbit Luxe was designed to be worn continuously, suitable for different wrist sizes and skin tones. The company underlined that the new wristband can be worn while sleeping. According to the information provided by Fitbit, Fitbit Luxe will be able to run for five days on a single charge.

Fitbit Luxe comes with replaceable silicone straps. The sizes of these straps can also be changed. Silicone straps prepared for the Fitbit Luxe will be sold for $ 29.95, fabric straps for $ 34.95, leather straps for $ 49.95, stainless steel mesh straps for $ 79.95, and stainless steel wristband straps for $ 99.95. The last option will be prepared by the luxury jewelery brand Gorjana. Those who want to buy the Fitbit Luxe with a Gorjana signature bracelet will have to pay $ 199.95. This version will be available in limited numbers in June.

Fitbit wants those who use the Luxe to see the smart bracelet as a kind of “jewelry”. The use of the metal injection melting method in the machining of the stainless steel case of the bracelet can also be considered as an example of this approach.

Fitbit Luxe to come with Google Fast Pair technology

There is no button on the Fitbit Luxe. All operations are carried out on the touch screen OLED screen. It is possible to use the smart bracelet with both iOS and Android devices. Thanks to Google’s Fast Pair technology, Fitbit Luxe can be synchronized with Android devices quickly.

Fitbit Luxe users will be able to view evaluations of their activity levels, sleep schedules and heart rate through the company’s Stress Management Score app. Through these evaluations, users will be provided with recommendations to help them manage their stress. With the Fitbit Luxe, measurements on other Fitbit’s smart wristbands will also be possible.


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