Fitbit Inspire 2 offers 10 days battery life with new design


Fitbit has unveiled a new version of its Inspire HR fitness tracker, named Inspire 2. One of the important differences in the Inspire 2, which has a similar design to its predecessor, is the replacement of the physical button with a touch button. Fitbit also emphasizes the new Inspire’s 10-day battery life.

Those who buy the Inspire 2 will have free access to Fitbit Premium for one year. With the Fitbit Premium membership, users are provided with sleep tools, guided programs and comprehensive feedback. However, the Inspire 2 also has features other than those offered in Fitbit Premium.

Inspire 2, which can track movement all day, can also continuously monitor heart rate. Features such as swim tracking, GPS, more than 20 exercise modes and Active Area Minutes are available on the Inspire 2. Inspire 2, which gives points to sleep during sleep tracking, also makes breathing exercises. The bracelet, which helps women to track their menstrual cycle, also shows the notifications received on the smartphone.

The Inspire 2 is available in three different color options called black, Lunar White and Desert Rose. It is worth noting that these are the strap colors and only the black option is available for the display part.

The Fitbit Inspire 2, like the Versa 3, will be pre-ordered as of today. Deliveries will start again in late September. In order to have the Inspire 2 in Europe, 99.95 euros will be required.


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