Fitbit focuses on stress management with Mindful Method


Fitbit has launched a special wellness program for Premium members called Mindful Method. The program was created by alternative medicine expert Deepak Chopra. Mindful Method takes Fitbit’s stress management efforts that it started with Sense one step further.

In the Mindful Method, there are more than 30 audio and video sessions covering topics such as awareness, stress management, sleep, fitness and mind-body connection. The number of these sessions prepared by Chopra, a well-known name in his field, is expected to increase in the coming period.

Chopra showed the participants one of the meditation sessions in the Mindful Method at the presentation held for the announcement of the program. Participants in the presentation note that the overall experience is not that different from the sessions at Calm or Headspace. Fitbit aims to combine Chopra’s fitness philosophy with data from its wearables and Premium program.

According to the information provided by Fitbit, more than 100 awareness-focused audio clips are offered to Premium subscribers. But Deepak Chopra’s name can help convince more Fitbit users to pay $ 9.99 a month. Mindful Method indicates that Fitbit does not just collect and display data; It also shows that it can benefit users in other ways from this data.

10 Mindful Method sessions with Deepak Chopra can be accessed via the Fitbit application. As mentioned above, you need to be a Fitbit Premium subscriber for access.


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