Fitbit announces new smartband with luxury design


Fitbit announced, on Monday (19), the launch of Fitbit Luxe, new smartband with premium design. The device will be sold with bracelets in shades such as platinum, gold and matte graphite on models that look like luxury jewelry and accessories.

According to the Google subsidiary, the pre-sale of the product started today with prices starting at US $ 149 (about R $ 827 in the current quote). The version with the golden bracelet, which looks like a gold bracelet, will sell for US $ 199 (about R $ 1.1 thousand).

Bracelets made of materials such as stainless steel, which start at US $ 79 (about R $ 438), will be sold separately.

James Park, co-founder and vice president of Fitbit, said that the innovations in the piece are not only in the visual. The smartband is thinner and smaller than the company’s previous productions.

Among the features, the smart bracelet will have heart rate, respiratory and sleep monitoring, skin temperature measurement, oxygen saturation and more than 20 options for exercise and sports practices (including the most chic ones like golf, pilates, spinning and tennis) ).

The promise is that the device’s battery lasts 5 days, longer than the Apple Watch, which lasts 1 and a half days, on average. The device’s display will also show notifications for calls, text messages and other applications connected to the smartphone.

1st major launch with Google

Fitbit Luxe is the first major launch since the purchase of the brand by Google has been completed. The deal has received an endorsement from the United States and European Union antitrust authorities in recent months.

Despite the approval, questions were raised about the use of data from smartband users. Regulators are concerned that Google will use sensitive information captured by smart wristbands to sell targeted advertising.

Because of this, the European Union has demanded that the tech giant not use user information to sell ads for at least 10 years.


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