Fitbit Ace 3 prepared for children introduced


Fitbit introduced its third generation sleep and exercise tracking device for children. Suitable for children aged 6 and over, Fitbit Ace 3 offers new moving watch faces, customizable accessories, a design suitable for swimming, battery life up to eight days and new color options.

In the Fitbit Ace 3, battery life is improved, while the brightness level of the screen is increased by 20 percent. “Do not disturb” and sleep modes are also among the innovations offered with the Ace 3. The new animated watch face options include rabbit, cat, Martian and spaceship. The animations here grow and change as the children progress towards their goals.

Fitbit Ace was designed to help children develop healthy activities and increase their physical activity. In this way, parents can track how much their children are moving or sleeping. Ace series wristbands do not allow children to access the social dimensions of the Fitbit app. Parents need to create a separate Fitbit account for their children under 12 who will use Fitbit Ace.

Although the Fitbit Ace 3 has a pedometer, a heart rate monitor is not available. The wristband sets movement and sleep goals suitable for the ages of the children. Children are warned by Ace 3 to take action. While the determined daily active time goal is 60 minutes, children are recommended to take 10 thousand steps every day.

The Fitbit Ace 3 will be sold abroad for $ 79.95. Next summer, two Minions-themed wristbands for the Ace 3 will be available. You will have to pay $ 29.95 for these. The pre-ordered Ace 3 will be on the shelves as of March 15.


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