Fish Available October 2020 in Animal Crossing


We detail the list of available fish that arrive as a novelty in October 2020 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, already on Nintendo Switch.

With the arrival of autumn to Animal Crossing: New Horizons we will be able to find new fish to catch and others that have been around since September. However, some from last month will no longer be available. In order to help you in the mission of capturing them and being able to donate them to the Socrates Museum (to get the entire collection), below and as part of this complete guide we detail which fish appear as a novelty and which of them remain and we can continue fishing in the northern hemisphere in October.

New fish arriving in October

Months: Oct – Apr
Location: Ocean
Hours: All day
Price: 300 berries

Yellow perch

Months: Oct – Mar
Place: Rio
Hours: All day
Price: 300 berries

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