First vaccine results for mutated virus


Promising new results have emerged for the coronavirus vaccine developed by BioNTech and Pfizer. How effective the vaccine, which was approved by the USA and the European Union, against the mutated virus, was also tested in South Africa and England. “What is mutated virus and how effective is it?” The answers to the question appeared in this research.

Coronaviurs vaccine gives hope against mutated virus

In the researches, the coronavirus vaccine developed by BioNTech and Pfizer was also tested against the mutated virus. Although official figures have not been released yet, the first results appear to be positive.

Accordingly, the BioNTech vaccine gave almost as effective results against the mutated virus as other types of coronavirus. Experts believe that the data for the BioNTech vaccine are also valid for other coronavirus vaccines.

While the second peak in the coronavirus epidemic that started in September 2020 caused concern, the mutated virus seen in the UK in December has further increased these concerns. In the first examinations, samples taken from South Africa and England were examined in private laboratories. But what is a mutated virus and how effective is it?

According to preliminary results, the mutated virus seems to spread much faster than the first types of viruses alone. There was no sufficient evidence that the disease was more fatal with this mutation or had a more severe course.

However, the latest information in the UK shows that new symptoms such as dry nose and increased heart rate are also confronted with this new virus.


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