Since Huawei announced the folding Mate X, there for the ‘Mobile World Congress’ at the beginning of the year, the phone has already been delayed a couple of times. Originally it was going to be launched in May, but here we are almost half a year later and, between problems and the trade war between countries nobody has it in their hands, no trace … or is there a trace?

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei, promised that the device would arrive in October, and now that we are in the middle of the month a report from China says that Mate X is in the mass production phase, and that its date will be fulfilled.

The news from the company Sina Technology report that the production of the folding screen is “very difficult”, which is not surprising given the revolutionary of the product, but it is something that they should have known first when getting the matter.

There have been two delays since the Mate X was announced, the first was to adjust the roughness and durability of the screen, once the problems Samsung had with its Galaxy Fold were seen, because of “when the beard of the neighbor you see peeling , put yours to soak. ”

The second and most recent was used by the company to optimize the user interface, to better use the folding screen. With the bending out some applications may not have reacted well to the change of orientation and the use of the screen.

Here we clearly see that Huawei wants to fix any problem that could occur before putting it on sale, and as much as we say it does not stop being true, another Galaxy Fold case is not wanted, so the rush to launch it on the market does not They are good counselors.

The Mate X was announced with a price of about 2,200 euros, but it is not yet known if all the arrangements and any changes that could have been added will make it vary. Nor is it known if as rumors spoke, Huawei will have taken the opportunity to replace the Kirin 980 with the most recent 990, giving it a potential boost.

Anyway, October is nearing its end and we should not take in knowing all the details, if nothing happens from then to then.