First Trailer of Netflix “Light Up The Sky” Documentary


Don’t miss the first trailer released by Netflix for the documentary Blackpink “Light Up the Sky”.

Netflix released a surprise for Blinks: the first trailer for the upcoming Blackpink documentary “Light Up The Sky.”

Directed by Caroline Suh, the film details the K-pop girl group’s rise to fame, from their trainee days in Seoul to their landmark performance at Coachella in Spring 2019, and will reveal never-before-seen details such as images. from behind the scenes, as well as individual interviews with each of the girls.

“We became something we didn’t even know was possible,” says Rosé in the trailer for the quartet’s record-breaking dominance, while Jennie comments, “I think what makes K-pop K-pop is the time we spend as an apprentice. ”

What will be seen in BLACKPINK’s Netflix documentary?

In the video, the other girls also look back on their grueling days leading up to fame before joining the group, with Lisa pointing out that “it was all ‘competition’ at the time” in their lives, and Jisoo questioning whether she wanted to give up. due to the demanding training process.

The trailer also gives fans a glimpse of the group’s path to the Coachella stage, as Jennie asks, “Who would have imagined thousands of people singing in Korean?”

Furthermore, the clip features interviews with producer and songwriter Teddy Park, who is responsible for creating the vast majority of Blackpink’s hits, from “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” and “Kill This Love” to five out of eight. Tracks from his debut LP recently released on The Album.

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Blackpink: Light Up The Sky is scheduled to hit Netflix on October 14. Don’t miss the full trailer!


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