First Trailer From Netflix’s Altered Carbon Animation Resleeved


The second season of the Altered Carbon series was recently released. For those who want to fill the gap until the third season of the series comes, an anime called Resleeved is coming. The first trailer of the animation was released.

The world of Altered Carbon is expanding more and more. Netflix’s production, which is popular worldwide, came to the audience with its new season last month. The leading role in the series was Anthony Mackie, whom we know as the role of Falcon.

To summarize for those who do not dominate the series, Altered Carbon was a production in which people recorded their consciousness on a disk and transferred their memories, personalities to new ‘cases’, that is, artificially produced bodies with the help of this disk.

The animation of Altered Carbon is coming:
After the release of the new season of Altered Carbon, Netflix announced that a side film of the series will be shot. Altered Carbon: Resleeved animated movie has a very promising trailer. There is already the signature of Dai Sato in the production, which we remember from works such as Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, which is defined as the legend of anime.

In animation, we see our character Takeshi Kovacs on another planet, Latimer. This time, Kovacs protects a tattoo artist while investigating the death of a Yakuza boss. Kovacs also has to deal with very serious military teams for this job.

It is not known whether the film dealt with before or after season 2. The guesses are that it’s a production that passed after the second season. Those who watched the second season finale of the Altered Carbon series will make more precise comments about it.

Action-packed trailer:

Altered Carbon: In the first trailer of Resleeved, we come across an aesthetic understanding resembling Blade Runner movies. Also, the style will be very familiar to people who are not alien to Japanese Cyberpunk animations and designs.

The transition between 2D and 3D scenes in animation seems to add a different taste to storytelling. Dai Sato, who is not alien to the genre, seems to have benefited quite a lot from her past experiences. While the action peaked in the trailer, it turns into a bloodbath. Altered Carbon: Resleeved will be on Netflix on March 19.


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