First tip for the newest member of the Realme X series


There has been talk for a while now that Realme is preparing to launch a new flagship phone with a Snapdragon 888 processor. The existence of the device, codenamed Realme Race, was confirmed some time ago. Apparently; Realme X is also preparing to support Race by adding a new member to the series.

Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme’s Europe and India, shared a short video via his Twitter account. It is remarkable that the message “X will come” in the video in question. In addition; Making a word game with the adjective “excited”, which means “excited” in English, Sheth states that people should be excited.

It is known that the new Realme X will be different from the Realme Race. The company gives priority to innovation in the X series. The company has included a rising camera mechanism in Realme X for the first time. The X7 was the first device that Realme used some MediaTek processors.

It remains unclear with which name the new member of the Realme X series will become official. Although the names X8 and X9 are the first options that come to mind; It should not be forgotten that the follower of the X2 Pro has become official as the X50 Pro.


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