For the first time, Kelly Clarkson sings career hits on her TV show


You may already be aware that Kelly Clarkson now has her own show on US television. Every day she opens the attraction by singing a different cover, but she has never performed a track from her repertoire. An exception, however, was this Friday (07/01), with several hits.

For the performance, she made a medley with “Miss Independent” (2003), “Walk Away” (2006), “Since U Been Gone” (2004), “Stronger” (2012) and “Invincible” (2015). This last song is not even among her biggest hits, but was chosen to represent the title of the Las Vegas residence she will debut in April.

The purpose of the performance was precisely to announce the residence in Las Vegas. “You may be wondering, why am I singing my own songs on the show? I find it super vain and weird… I usually don’t like doing it here. But today there’s a reason, so I sang. When I debuted this show, I heard from many fans who were concerned that I would stop playing shows and releasing songs. Well, don’t worry, I understand you, ”she explained, dropping the big news.

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