First teaser for the Monster Hunter movie


Milla Jovovich and the director of the Resident Evil adaptations are back in action and share the first teaser trailer for the Monster Hunter movie.

We already have here the first teaser trailer for the Monster Hunter movie, the new work of the tandem that will bring us the Resident Evil adaptations, that is, Milla Jovovich, who will once again be the lead actress, and Paul WS Anderson, responsible for the script and the direction. The trailer, although brief, lets us take a quick look at one of the first creatures Jovovich’s character will come across, as well as a glimpse of his “armor” (a military uniform), his weapons (fire .. .) and that characteristic desert setting of the first posters, in which one can glimpse the place where the entire film was shot: South Africa.

Although Monster Hunter was officially delayed to April 23, 2021 due to the coronavirus, this first trailer ends with a “Only in theaters; December.” A curious detail, since December was not its original date either (it was scheduled for September 4). It is not, however, a mistake and magazines such as Screen Rant already report that the film has advanced its release date and will be with us this same Christmas.

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