First statement from Trump: Surprises are happening!


The US election results, which the earth waited with breathlessness, caused chaos, the “doomsday scenario” came true. The states that President Trump and his Democratic rival Biden won one by one became clear, while the race in key states took their breath away. Biden lost the most critical state Florida, the Associated Press (AP) news agency announced that the result was squeezed into three states. Speaking in front of the cameras at the White House, President Trump said, “We won the election,” but Trump’s victory speech disturbed many Republican Party members, many described the statements as ‘great irresponsibility’. AP, BBC. CNN and other major media outlets are reporting that it is early to declare victory in the current picture where the election is locked. While Trump’s favorite channel was on the agenda with the headline of Fox News, Trump again tweeted a shaking mess.

In the US elections, which were watched every second in the world, the results were locked, and millions of people who were locked in the live broadcasts on TV remained frozen.

In the US east coast, ballot boxes were closed and the vote count started. The states where Republican Party candidate President Donald and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden won became clear.

According to the unofficial results announced by the American news agency Associated Press (AP), Donald Trump, who watched the election results in the White House, won the list as follows:

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, South Dakota, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming

The places where Biden triumphed are as follows: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington.

In front of the cameras at the White House, President Donald Trump signaled victory and said they were preparing for a big celebration: “We are preparing to have a big celebration. The results are great and we are ready to go out and celebrate. A great success. This is a record, such a success before. not won …

We won states that didn’t expect we would win. We won Florida, Ohio and Texas. It is certain that we also won Giorgia. They can never catch us. It won North Carolina for sure, and we win Pennsylvania by a big margin. We win Pennsylvania by a big margin. They are not even close to us, impossible to catch. We’re winning Michigan too, I looked at the numbers, we’re ahead. We’re winning Wisconsin too. Moreover, we don’t even need it. To be honest, we won this election. ”

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The BBC and other media outlets report that although Trump claims he won the election, it is too early to say that with millions of uncounted votes yet. Trump also said that they wanted the counting of the votes cast to be stopped and that they will carry the elections to the Supreme Court.

President Trump’s victory speech from the White House disturbed many Republican Party members. Senior party officials and conservative commentators express concern over Trump’s baseless allegations. Speaking to ABC News, New Jersey Governor and Trump’s adviser Chris Christie said Trump’s speech was a strategically and politically wrong decision.

Speaking to CNN, Pennsylvania Senator Rick Sentorum stated that he was “very uncomfortable” with Trump’s comments and said that he found his statement about irregularities in the elections “false”. Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro also viewed Trump’s speech as ‘great irresponsibility’.

Speaking in his hometown of Delaware before Trump, Democratic candidate Joe Biden said, “I am optimistic about the election result. The count will continue until the last vote is counted. Only the US people can tell who won, I am optimistic about the result.

Democrat candidate Biden’s campaign chief, Jen O’Malley Dillon, said Trump’s statement questioning the legitimacy of the votes that have not yet been counted as “beyond measure, unprecedented, false.”

“Never before in history has a president made such a reckless effort to take away the democratic rights of American citizens in a national election,” said Jen O’Malley Dillon.

Dillon also said that the statement was ‘wrong’ because the law prescribes that each vote counts: “Donald Trump will not decide the outcome of this election. Joe Biden will not decide the outcome of this election. The American people will decide the outcome of the election and have to continue until the democratic process is over. ” Democrats add that their lawyers are waiting for the recount requests and objections to come after the votes have been counted.

Trump hit the agenda with his first statement after the election: “I was ahead of many of the key Democratic-controlled states last night. Later, one by one, these states passed to them when the surprise vote masses were counted. VERY INTERESTING!” The pollsters “have completely and historically misunderstood the thing! ”

Twitter added a “warning” tag to this post. Twitter said that Trump made last night, “We have great advantage, but they (Democrats) are trying to steal the election from us. We will not allow that. The votes should not be used after the ballot boxes are closed.” He also added a “warning” tag to his post.


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