First statement from Donald Trump in the USA!


US President Donald Trump made a statement by connecting to Fox television while voting was continuing in the country. “When there is victory, we declare it. No need to play. But I definitely believe we have a chance to win,” Trump said. said

While the voting process for the presidential elections continued in the USA, Republican President Trump evaluated the election agenda by connecting to Fox television over the phone.

“We declare victory when there is victory. No need to play. But I definitely believe we have a chance to win.” used the expression.

Stating that they believe that they will easily reach the required number of 270 delegates to win the elections, Trump said, “People are satisfied with our work. I think we will reach 306 delegates as in 2016.” said.

Trump added to his Democratic rival Joe Biden, “Biden has no mental capacity to be president. He is having a hard time. Biden should not be in the presidency.” He commented.

Regarding the possibility that the announcement of the election results may take longer than usual due to the counting of the votes cast by mail, Trump stated that they wanted to see the election results on the night of November 3.

“If I am elected, there may be street and violence in Portland, Chicago, New York, Oakland, Baltimore and other cities under Democrats, due to the lack of leadership at the local level,” Trump said. he spoke.

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