First software update for Galaxy Buds Live headphones


Samsung is releasing the first software update for Galaxy Buds Live, its “bean” -shaped headphones, which was heavily prototyped before receiving the official release.

The update is discreet: 2.13 MB. As expected with such a small update, it arrives only to improve the stability of the accessory, with no noticeable news for the user.

The patch should be downloaded automatically, and then a notification on the smartphone will notify, via Galaxy Wereable, that the installation is ready to be performed.

For now Galaxy Buds Live is not available in Brazil, which should change after the Brazilian Galaxy Unpacked.

Samsung Internet is also updated

The South Korean browser, on the other hand, has received a feature update that is quite noticeable.

With Samsung Internet 12.1 comes the new grid view in the tab switcher. The mechanics are similar to those offered in Google Chrome, with recent tabs reorganized according to the navigation through the sites.

The new interface allows the user to choose between three layouts to view their open content: list, grid and as cards. The update also allows, through the browser settings, that the tabs are displayed below the address bar, as Google Chrome usually presents its interface on tablets. Convenient function for those who use the cell phone with one hand.

The update may have already been installed automatically on your Galaxy if your settings are set for automatic updates. Otherwise, it is possible to check for news in the Galaxy Store or Play Store.

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