First Screenshots from DOOM Eternal’s DLC Package


The first screenshots from the soon-released DLC package of DOOM’s latest game, DOOM Eternal, is one of the most established series in the game world. Both shared images are said to belong to DLC, which will be released in the first year of the game.

One of the highly anticipated games of 2020, DOOM Eternal was finally released on 20 March 2020 after the postponements. The game, which gained a good commercial success by gaining the admiration of fans of the series in a short time, was played by more than 100,000 players on Steam simultaneously in the first week of its release.

When the game is so popular, the producer company has naturally rolled up its sleeves for additional packages in order to keep the game up to date. At this point, a share from the game’s official Twitter account during the day revealed a few different locations in the next DLC package to DOOM Eternal. Let’s take a closer look at these published screenshots.

First screenshots from DOOM Eternal’s DLC package:
While the first of the published images looks like a gigantic base in the middle of the sea, the second image is estimated to be part of the Makyr world. At this point, even though there are 2 different plug-ins planned for DOOM Eternal at the moment, it should be noted that both shared screenshots belong to the first DLC package.

What game is DOOM Eternal?
As Slayer, as in other games of the series, we will have a relentless fight against the hell armies in the last game of DOOM, one of the most rooted series in the game world. The published story of this game, which has a total playing time of 18/22 hours, is as follows: “Hell armies invaded the world. In this awesome, single-player adventure, as a Slayer, go on an interdimensional demon hunt and save humanity. All they’re afraid of … is you. ”

Currently, Steam is undertaking the distribution of DOOM Eternal on PC leg, which is also published for Xbox One and PS4 platforms. You can use this link to access the Steam page, you can learn more about the game from this page.


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