Who is the First Ruler in the World?


Human history speaks of many kings and rulers. These people, who have all the power of an entire state and have the right to say the last word on all matters, have always been important. And who was the first king?

Many great rulers have emerged throughout history. These rulers had the last and absolute say in the management of their communities. Their countries had to assume responsibility in almost every sense. Some have failed, some have made their name known to the world.

Some of the rulers who took titles such as the King in Europe, Hakan in the Turks and the sultan in the Middle East, the sultan in the Middle East and the pharaoh in Ancient Egypt are known by the whole world such as Fatih Sultan Mehmet, King Richard, Selahattin Eyyubi and Genghis Khan. The name we don’t know is the first king’s name.

The first king is presumably ruled in Mesopotamia or Egypt. As a result, these regions are known as the places where the first civilizations and the first developed communities emerged. According to Mark Munn, a professor of history at Penn State University, the records of the first king were not kept, and if so, it was already history.

Which leads us to find the first king we can find. After all, it’s a simple sorting process, which is the oldest of the recorded kings, right? Not. Because the information we have is ambiguous, complicated, and highly mythological, it is difficult to say anything clear.

Our first source on the list of Kings is the Sumerian Kings List. Historians admit that some of the information on this list is correct, but they do not find the stories of some names plausible. According to them, the first king Iry-Hor or Namer. But the Sumerian Kings List does not begin with these names.

The list goes on like a Silmarillon with legendary god kings. Because the first king, ruling for a full 28 thousand years, the ruling of the next king spans 1200 years. The list includes a narrative of an event similar to Noah’s flood.

The first known example of establishing a kingdom and establishing sovereignty (power authority and dynasty) is who is lying in the tomb of U-j at Abydos in Egypt. This civilization is generally accepted as Dynasty , which is the beginning dynasty, but it is not known who lies here.

According to many researchers, the Scorpion King lies here. The Scorpion King is not actually a person’s name, but rather a sort of title from hieroglyphics. In hieroglyphs, the ruler is ruled by the power from divine sources. That is the beginning of the god-king understanding seen in the pharaohs.

So the question of who the first king is, and even the kings we know, is controversial and will probably never be solved.


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