First Reactions To Venom There Will Be Carnage, Better Than The Original?


Venom: At the gates of its premiere in Spain, the first international critics of the film applaud the role of Tom Hardy and the post-credit scene. Venom: Habrá Matanza will hit theaters throughout Spain this October 15, as in other European markets; However, in the United States it will be released this Friday, October 1, which means that specialized critics have already been able to see the Venom sequel in advance to offer their professional assessment. The first reactions are very positive, judging by the main English-speaking media.

Venom: There will be Carnage awakens good feelings in the United States

Andy Serkis’s film seeks to redeem itself after the lukewarm reception of the original work a few years ago, which did not work for many reasons. This time the role of Tom Hardy seems to be outstanding, with a great characterization of the Symbiote and a greater synergy with the personality of the same.

We are facing a very short film (compared to what we are used to in superhero films, especially in Marvel licenses), of only 90 minutes. Not surprisingly, there seems to be a spectacular post-credit scene. You can rest assured: we do not know what it is about nor are we going to offer any gut about it.

Screen Rant’s Molly Freeman argues that Venom: There will be Carnage “has very entertaining and charming moments, especially between Eddie and Venom, who continue to share a very funny dynamic, but the movie loses a bit with Carnage / Carnage.” In her point of view, “there are too many ideas and the film ends up messing up until the end.”


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