First PS5 Commercial: “Welcome to a New World”


A Hungarian channel anticipates the announcement of Sony Interactive Entertainment, which allows you to see what the imminent television campaign of PlayStation 5 will be like.

A Hungarian audiovisual channel has leaked what will be one of the first advertising videos for PlayStation 5. Despite the fact that Sony Interactive Entertainment has not started broadcasting the first commercials for its new generation of home consoles on television – with print advertising on some supermarkets in Spain—, this first announcement has anticipated whenever the Japanese company kicks off.

“Welcome to a new world”

Video, as has been the custom in Sony with previous generations, is committed to action in the purest cinematic style, a cocktail of different experiences in which adrenaline and the situations typical of video games are presented as the main protagonists: bows, arrows, fire, impossible jumps … There is no specific video game playability, but there is the presence at the beginning and at the end of the PlayStation seal.

PS5 reservations and pricing yet to be confirmed

The doubts and questions for the future PS5 buyer are many, however. These types of campaigns are usually preceded by details about the reservation and price of the advertised product. In the case that concerns us, as of today PlayStation 5 has no release date; its official website refers us to a vague “end of 2020”.

Likewise, the catalog of video games that will accompany the console is uncertain at the moment, although Sony assures that it will be the most powerful in its history. Works such as Godfall, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Kena: Bridge of Spirits or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales have confirmed their availability in stores this year 2020, but we do not know if they will be released or on the dates surrounding that time.

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