First official images of the new Google Chromecast


The new Google Chromecast that includes Android TV is about to be launched and the first official images appeared

There are only a few days left for Google to present its new home products, there is even the possibility that a new Pixel will also be presented and it is almost a fact that the new Chromecast will be announced, which as we have previously shown will be very different from what that Google has done so far.

As we already know, it is a device that will make a digital TV become an intelligent system by incorporating Android TV, or whatever name Google decides to give its system in the coming days.

Some images have long emerged where you could see what ‘Sabrina’ looks like, the code name of the new generation of Chromecast, but now the official images of this device have been leaked.

New Google Chromecast with remote control

Although the name change has not yet been made official, everything seems to indicate that this device will modify the nomenclature of its operating system from being Android TV to Google TV, as happened in the past with Wear OS, leaving aside the Android brand.

Thanks to these images, you can see that the shape of the Chromecast has changed slightly, but it is still the same device with an HDMI cable to connect to the TV on one side and a charging port on the other, but now it is a USB C port.

But the most interesting piece of hardware is not integrated, it is the remote control, something that is completely new and never seen before in these Google devices, although it is very similar to those used by Amazon or Xiaomi devices.

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In the upper part of the control there is a cross to move through the menus, while in the lower part we find eight buttons and a microphone so that we can make use of voice commands.


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