First, not Bitcoin, but XRP: The top 5 most purchased cryptocurrencies on the popular investment platform


Quarterly report of the popular trading platform eToro revealed the most popular cryptocurrencies among crypto traders. Surprisingly, the first place is XRP, not Bitcoin.

Offering the opportunity to trade with cryptocurrencies, the global trading platform eToro announced the cryptocurrencies that its users were most interested in.

According to the company’s quarterly report, 54 percent of crypto money traders in eToro invest in XRP.

Bitcoin is the second most popular cryptocurrency and market value in eToro, and the rate of users who invest in leading crypto money is 35 percent. Ethereum with 23.9 percent, Litecoin with 14.5 percent and Stellar with 12.4 percent.

All cryptocurrencies and investing user percentages on the platform are as follows:

XRP: 54.5%
Bitcoin (BTC): 35.1%
Ethereum (ETH): 23.9%
Litecoin (LTC): 14.5%
Stellar (XLM): 12.4%
Dash: 8.5%
Bitcoin Cash (BCH): 8.3%
Cardano (ADA): 7.6%
NEO: 7.5%
Ethereum Classic (ETC): 7.3%
EOS: 6.0%
IOTA: 5.6%
Tron (TRX): 4.2%
Tezos (XTZ): 2.3%
Zcash (ZEC): 1.7%

The report also analyzed the status of the XRP Army, a term used to describe fans of the Ripple company and its cryptocurrency XRP. Accordingly, the number of people talking about XRP on Twitter dropped 16 percent in the first quarter of 2020. However, this number has dropped more than 50 percent since October 2018, and has decreased 82 percent since January 2018.


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