First Nope First Reactions Praise Jordan Peele’s “Most Ambitious Film”


Since the release of Jordan Peele’s film “Away”, which received four Oscar nominations and won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay for Director/screenwriter, the success of the film has managed to bring critical acclaim to most of Peele’s directorial works, and his newest film “No” as much hype around its upcoming release.

Universal’s Nope brings back Get Out star Kaluuya and newcomer Keke Palmer to the big screen. The story of the film tells about two siblings (Kaluuya and Palmer) who notice what they think is an alien spaceship hovering over their family horse ranch. Then the siblings try to catch the spaceship on camera, but things don’t go as they planned.

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“No” is due to be released in theaters on Friday, but today it officially began showing to most critics. Since the film has already been shown to some members of the press at preview screenings, the initial reviews of the film seem really positive. Collider editor-in-chief Steven Weintraub didn’t spoil anything about the film by keeping his thoughts brief, but he made it clear that “No” Saw, in his opinion, gets a “thumbs up.” CNN entertainment business reporter Frank Pallotta also expressed his opinion, calling Knope “out of this world” and calling the film “a monstrous mess with great performances.”

In the reports of People, Daily Dead News and The Huffington Post, the film was also praised and applauded by the stars of the film for their excellent performance. The Hollywood Critics Association called “No” “ambitious”, but also considered this film to be Peel’s weakest work compared to his last two films. Although the Hollywood Critics Association gave a mixed assessment, the film received a lot of praise, which outweighs comparisons with Peel’s past films “Away” and atmospheric “We”.

It seems that Peel’s newest film will be a great success at the box office, as it has already received a sea of excellent reviews from critics and is paving its own path to greatness, standing out among other films released by Peel. As the hope for a theatrical release of “No Saw” continues to grow, the biggest test will come when the public expresses their opinion about the new film.

“No” will be released in theaters on July 22, 2022.