First measure for coronavirus in NBA and other leagues


First measure for coronavirus in NBA and other leagues: They prevent the access of the press to dressing rooms. Reporters and people outside the staff of each team will have to wait outside the area.

The coronavirus already begins to affect the sport in the United States, on Monday night the first measure that applies to the NBA was announced , where the regular season has already started and there are games practically every day, as well as the NHL ; It also applies to the MLS that has games on weekends, as well as the MLB and the NFL that are in recess.

According to the statement sent by the different leagues, all people who are not essential in the area will be prohibited from accessing the dressing room until further notice

“After consulting with health and infectious disease experts, and given the problems that may be associated with close contact before and after the matches, all locker rooms and clubhouses will be kept open only for essential equipment and equipment personnel. installations until further notice “, you can see in the message.

The option they offer to the media so as not to hinder their work is to relocate them “in designated locations outside the locker room and clubhouse,” as the letter mentions.

For press conferences, although not only during these, reporters will remain on the sidelines within six feet (180 centimeters) of the players, as recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) .

Although at the moment this is the only official measure, the possibility that they are implemented more, such as closed-door games or the suspension of meetings, is not ruled out.

“We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and take the next steps to maintain a safe environment,” the statement ends.


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