First Mars helicopter running Ingenuity engines


NASA has powered the space helicopter called Ingenuity, which will take off with the spacecraft Perseverance, which it launched to Mars last month and will be the first Mars helicopter.

The first Mars helicopter Ingenuity started charging

It was reported that the helicopter, which is currently traveling towards the Red Planet due to Perseverance, is in an operable state. On the subject, NASA announced on August 7 that the power loading of the helicopter began in the middle of the spaceflight. “This means that the helicopter has been operating for the first time and its batteries are being charged in space,” expressions were used from NASA.

According to Cnet’s report, many question marks about the helicopter are waiting for us. Among these, questions such as whether he will survive the difficult journey to Mars, will the Perseverance device work as intended when it is released into the planet’s orbit, are puzzling.

Regarding this situation, Ingenuity’s project manager MiMi Aung said, “The situation in the first health checks of the helicopter is a good sign. We will encounter more firsts before we can conduct the first experimental flight test on another planet. But we all feel very good about the future right now, ”he said.

Ingenuity, which takes about 8 hours to turn on and recharge, recharged up to 35 percent of its lithium-ion batteries. The procedures will be repeated every two weeks. If all goes well, the helicopter will have a lot of charge when Perseverance arrives on Mars in February 2021. The spacecraft, which will land on the Jezero Crater, will try to convey to us the unknown about the geographical structure of the Red Planet.


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