First M-series motorcycle: BMW M1000RR introduced


BMW, one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to performance and quality, introduced the M1000RR model. The M1000RR, the first M series motorcycle model, will be lighter and more performance than the S1000RR model.

BMW M1000RR model introduced

The current S1000RR model was available with the M Sport package. The company, which wants to take the 1000RR model one step further, shared some technical data about its new model. Pushing the limits with the S1000RR model, BMW stated that there will not be a transformation as extensive as the car models.

Approximately 5 kilograms lighter than the S1000RR with a weight of 192 kilograms, the M1000RR performs better thanks to its carbon wheels and the titanium alloy Akrapovic exhaust system.

The model, which comes with a dozen changes such as 15.100 RPM engine speed and titanium connecting rods, has 212 horsepower. The 0-200 km / h acceleration time of the motorcycle, which appears with a top speed of 306 km / h, is approximately 7 seconds.

Stating that the blue M brand brake calipers used provide exceptional performance when heated, the company announced that it also changed the weight distribution for performance.

With the M Competition package, which has GPS-supported tour tracking, carbon body parts and a lighter swing system, the track experience of the users will be taken to the next level.

M1000RR model will be sold with a price tag of $ 39,386


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