First Look: Dave Franco’s First Feature Film The Rental with Dan Stevens and Alison Brie


The first images were released from The Rental, starring Dan Stevens and Alison Brie, and written and directed by Dave Franco, known for his actress identity.

Dave Franco, who is known in the cinema world for his films Neighbors, Now You See Me, Nerve, and with his dissertation The Disaster Artist, with whom he shared his lead role with his older brother, James Franco, joins the caravan of the actors who directed to the director with the horror type The Rental.

The leading roles of the movie include Alison Brie, who has been nominated for the Golden Globe with her performance in the GLOW drama, and this year she received her name in the series with Britain and Legion, which received praised comments with the Netflix movie Horse Girl. Jeremy Allen White and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, accompanied by the Shameless series, are accompanied by Sheila Vand, who made her name known to large audiences.

First Images of Dave Franco’s First Feature Film, The Rental, Published


Dave Franco is writing the script of his first feature film with Joe Swanberg, one of the leading names in the mumblecore stream, which has produced productions such as Easy, Drinking Buddies, and Happy Christmas. The film focuses two couples who rented a house from Airbnb for a secluded weekend break. The secrets hidden in this holiday, which starts the fun for the four, are revealed. The fact that the four realize that they are being watched by the owner of the house drags the events to an uncomfortable point.

The movie, in which IFC Films bought its rights, is expected to be released on July 24. The course of the coronavirus epidemic around the world can cause postponement of the film’s vision history. We will see together whether this postponement will occur in the coming days. You can find the first images published from the movie, where we wonder what kind of work Dave Franco will do in the field of directing.


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