First look at WhatsApp’s iPad app!


Developing a special application for iPad users, WhatsApp plans to launch it with the Multi-Device 2.0 feature.


The popular instant messaging application WhatsApp, as it is known, does not yet have official support for the iPad. The platform, which only has its main application on mobile devices, will soon solve this situation with its multi-device feature. Users will connect WhatsApp to any device they want, regardless of computer or tablet. Messaging will be possible without the need for an internet connection.

Known for revealing the innovations that will come to WhatsApp in advance, WABetaInfo shared details on how to use the messaging service on iPad. According to the statement, WhatsApp will continue to work even if the main phone is offline. However, there are some limitations at this point.

WhatsApp will release iPad app in the future

The platform owned by Facebook has rolled up its sleeves for Multi-Device 2.0. With the feature under development, the WhatsApp application for iPad is also expected to be released simultaneously. When Multi-Device 2.0 becomes available, users will only need to sync WhatsApp on iPhone to iPad once. Afterwards, messages can be exchanged on the tablet even if the phone is turned off or there is no internet connection.

WhatsApp’s iPad app

WABetaInfo arrived early on WhatsApp for iPad. He also shared a screenshot and stated that it will be available in a future update with Multi-Device 2.0.

WhatsApp multi-device won’t support some features

According to WhatsApp’s statement, the multi-device feature will not support some functions. It remains unclear whether these will work for a lifetime or temporarily. When the beta process is completed and stable, we will see and try it much better.

Here are the features that don’t work:

  • You can use WhatsApp on up to four secondary devices simultaneously, but you can only connect one phone at a time to your WhatsApp account.
  • You need to register your WhatsApp account and connect your new devices to your phone.
  • If you do not use your phone for more than 14 days, your connected devices will be disconnected.
  • Current location cannot be displayed on secondary devices.
  • Chats cannot be pinned on WhatsApp Web or Desktop.
  • Group invitations cannot be accepted, viewed, or reset on WhatsApp Web and
  • Desktop. You need to use your phone to do these operations.
  • You cannot send messages or call from your connected device to people who have a very old version of WhatsApp installed on their phone.
  • You cannot search for connected devices that are not enrolled in the multi-device beta program from the portal device or WhatsApp Desktop.
  • Other WhatsApp accounts on your portal device are not available if they have not joined the multi-device beta program.
  • WhatsApp Business users cannot edit the business name and tags using WhatsApp Web or Desktop.


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