First Kill: Ranking each main character by liking


“The First Murder” is Netflix’s new supernatural sapphic novel, and if its first season is any indication, then viewers have a lot to expect as its doomed love story continues. Vampire Juliet and monster hunter Cal feel an immediate connection, and most episodes focus on their desire to be together, despite the desire of their families. Unlike the narratives of other unhappy lovers, “The First Murder” tells the stories of both families, and viewers will learn the nuances associated with the upbringing and cultural ties of teenagers.

Although family is very important to both main characters, it is often difficult for their family members to really love each other. However, viewers can see each character’s development for better or worse, and their favorite character is likely to change several times while watching the first season.

Jack Burns

By the end of the first season, viewers don’t know much about Jack Burns’ backstory, except that his first wife, Theo’s mom, was killed by a vampire. Jack often leaves on missions of the Guardian Guild, an elite organization of monster hunters. When he is at home, Jack is a strict parent and coach who does not give his children special indulgences when they make mistakes.

The end of the first season of the show leaves Jack facing an impossible decision, but he may lose the sympathy of the audience due to his limited thinking about the confrontation between monsters and people.

Eleanor Fairmont

Eleanor looks like a cool older sister at the beginning of the series, and she seems ready to help Juliet cope with the difficulties of growing up a vampire. And apart from her family responsibilities, Eleanor does not answer to anyone, radiating enviable confidence in every communication with her.

However, viewers will soon see the dark side of Eleanor’s legacy as a Legacy vampire, and her emotional isolation from humanity will become more apparent. While Juliet struggles to maintain her empathy, Eleanor actively discourages this, even trying to trick her into abandoning her principles and killing the people she feeds on.

Apollo Burns

Apollo is a character with a lot of room for growth, which viewers begin to see towards the end of season 1. He is stubborn, narrow-minded and far from a team player, which are problematic traits when you come from a family. monster hunters.

Although he admires his brother Theo, he does not try to imitate his positive qualities. However, viewers begin to see some growth of Apollo when Theo finds himself in serious danger, although this development may seem too late.

Margot Fairmont

Viewers get to know Margot Fairmont as a buttoned-up wife and mother who is just as dismissive of the people she meets as she is of her Heritage vampire community. She seems to be the main party pressuring Juliet to commit her first murder, and seems to have little sympathy for Juliet’s predicament as the daughter of a man turned vampire.

But as the series continues, Margot reveals herself as a character — she interacts with Cal’s mom, Talia, in an acutely funny way, struggles with her domineering mother’s expectations of her and her family, and supports her husband, whom she married contrary to maternal expectations. wishes. In addition to Juliet and Cal, this couple is a great example of a pair goal in the “First Murder”. Overall, Margot may be a character with a broader redemption arch than most.

Sebastian Fairmont

Juliet and Eleanor’s father is presented as a tough but kind-hearted man who, like Juliet, seems to struggle between his human instincts and his vampire identification. He merges with the city as a district attorney, but becomes an outcast in society when others accuse him of a weakness for monsters.

When Sebastian is gravely ill, his mother-in-law is persuaded to turn him into a full-fledged Legacy vampire, a process that remains mysterious, although it involves the Legacy’s beloved snake, Emerald Malkia from the biblical Garden of Eden. While “The First Murder” is definitely not too scary for television, the later scenes involving Sebastian’s transformation are deeply disturbing and may indicate that things will change for the worse for this character in the second season.

Talia Burns

Cal’s mother Talia initially presents the world with a collected and tough appearance, although it becomes clear that she is softer when it comes to her family. She verbally argues with Juliet’s mom Margot and is a fierce advocate for Cal’s well-being, whether it’s kidnapping Oliver Fairmont as collateral for Cal’s safe return or realizing that Cal needs a second chance to commit the first monster murder.

Ultimately, the audience is on the side of Talia, who is fighting for the safety of her family, and by the end of the first season, she even begins to see humanity in monsters. Unfortunately, her judgment of monsters may not be as sound as her daughter Cal’s.