First images of Ciri for Season 2 of the Witcher on Netflix


On Monday it was Geralt and this Tuesday, October 6, it is Ciri’s turn, which is shown in a season where more prominence is expected with the Brujo.

Netflix has shown new images of the second season of The Witcher, in which you can see Ciri, the young woman whom Geralt of Rivia looks for throughout the first season and of whom we already saw images on Monday, October 5. The 19-year-old British actress Freya Allan is in charge of giving life to Ciri in this series produced by Netflix, and she is seen with a much more challenging and courageous attitude regarding the events we saw during the episodes of the first season . You can see it in the image that follows this paragraph.

“It’s time for Ciri to fight back. Freya Allan in The Witcher Season Two.” This is what the Netflix Spain tweet says, which already has more than 300 retweets and 1,200 likes and where, in addition to seeing the young actress, she is also seen picking up a wooden sword, presumably training to also become a fighter first class. Now we only need to see where the shots of this season are going once both Ciri and Geralt have ended up meeting at the climax of the first season.

No confirmed departure date

At the moment we do not have a specific date for the arrival of this new batch of episodes. The series is expected in 2021, although the recording has had to be stopped on occasion due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It will be interesting to see the fit with Yennefer and the presence of some important characters in the books and video games, such as the already confirmed appearance of Vesemir.

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On the other hand, although nothing has been detailed in this regard, the Writers Guild of America West registered that the third season of the series was in development, scheduled between this year and 2021. Something that can reassure the many fans who, after Some Netflix decisions were responding on social networks to the images of Ciri asking when they planned to cancel the series, as has happened with others.


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