First images of a menacing Red Hood in Titans season 3


Season 3 of Titans for HBO Max Offers First Look at Jason Todd’s Red Hood; production underway for its premiere in 2021.

The third season of Titans, the popular DC series that adapts the adventures of the publisher’s young superheroes and which has so far been broadcast through The CW channel and which from now on will make the leap to HBO Max, has shared a first look at Red Hood or Red Hood, the new identity of Jason Todd played by Curran Walters. Thus, and through two images with great detail, we can already see what the live action adaptation of such a charismatic DC character will be like.

A mask reminiscent of other characters

And is that with the publication of two images through the official account of the series on Twitter, we can already see the appearance that Red Hood will have in season 3 of Titans, now exclusively for HBO Max, as you can observe in the same images. One of them shows us the real appearance of the actor dressed in the Red Hood costume, while the other is a conceptual design of the Red Hood himself, in both cases showing the final design of his outfit.

The reaction of the fans has not been long in coming, arguing that it has too many similarities with Robotman from DC’s Doom Patrol series and that it even resembles in some respects the Iron Man mask, in this case from Marvel. Be that as it may, Red Hood will debut in season 3 as a new identity for Jason Todd and whose filming has already started to premiere its new episodes sometime next year, on a date yet to be determined only through HBO Max.

Recall that HBO Max will also premiere next year exclusively the Justice League Snyder Cut, a new version of its original director who is currently in the midst of reshoots with actors such as Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher, Jared Leto or Joe Manganiello.


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