First Image of Corona Virus Vaccine Injected to Humans


The coronavirus vaccine developed in the USA has started to be tested on humans as of today. The effects of the vaccine applied to volunteers at the Washington Health Research Institute of Kaiser Permanente in the USA are curiously expected.

The new type of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which emerged in Wuhan, China and spread to many countries within a short time, is considered as one of the biggest outbreaks in human history. As of now, more than 182 thousand people caused the virus and more than 7 thousand deaths. Vaccine development studies for coronavirus are continuing in many parts of the world.

Moderna, the US National Institute of Health and a private biotechnology company, which has come to the test stage in 42 days by adding a great deal in vaccination studies, performed tests on human subjects for the first time in the world. The coronavirus vaccine, which encourages the body to produce antibodies, prevents the coronaviruses from sticking to the cells with the proteins it produces.

The first vaccine developed for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2):
Vaccines generally contain attenuated viruses. However, this new coronavirus vaccine developed by scientists does not include the virus itself. The vaccine, which works like “messenger RNA”, accelerates the production of antibodies as the virus enters the body, and the fight of the infected person with the Corona virus begins much faster.

The potential coronavirus vaccine was first administered to 4 people as of today:
Vaccination at the Washington Health Research Institute in Kaiser Permanente, Seattle, USA, will be applied on a total of 45 volunteers in the future. Scientists say it takes between 1 year and 18 months to find out if the vaccine is safe. If the tests are successful, the vaccine developed against the coronavirus will be open to the public.

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The first person to voluntarily test the vaccine developed for coronavirus was a healthy woman named Jennifer Haller. It is curiously expected how the body of the woman, currently under observation, will react to the vaccine in question. Scientists will follow the symptoms on Haller’s body.

The moment when the potential Coronavirus vaccine was injected into the first volunteer Jennifer Haller:
Haller will be vaccinated a second time a month later with other volunteers. The researchers said that the vaccines to be shot will be in different doses, so that different doses will also be tested. Each of the 45 volunteers will be observed to analyze how different coronavirus vaccines work in different individuals.

Another name shot for the potential Corona virus vaccine is Neal Browning. Browning, like other volunteers, will be kept under observation for a while. Browning, which will be vaccinated for the second time in a month, will probably be one of the names that will make one of the biggest epidemics in the world go away.


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