First ideas for Xbox came after Microsoft dismantled PS2


The Bloomberg website has revealed several details regarding the creation of the first Xbox in celebration of the brand’s 20 years celebrated in 2021. In addition to the attempt to buy Nintendo, it was also revealed that the team that created the first Microsoft video game needed to dismantle a PlayStation 2 to have some ideas.

“In the old days, there were no companies that took things apart, so we need to buy a PlayStation 2 ourselves, dismantle the console and place it on a giant wooden table. We did a competitive investigation and analyzed all the components and parts to find out how much each one cost and even what screws were used ”, recalled Aaron Greenberg, who currently works in the marketing sector for the console.

“The team had less than 20 people who were transferred with Rick Thompson. Most were as innocent as the complexity of it, ”commented Todd Holmdahl, one of the executives who was asked to work with the first Xbox at the time.

It is worth remembering that the first Xbox was presented during Game Developers Conferece 2000 by Bill Gates himself.


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