First Flexible And Roll-Up AMOLED Screen On The Market Is Introduced


AMOLED: The 2021 edition of the International Display Technology Conference (IDTC) is taking place this week in Beijing, China, and manufacturer BOE took the opportunity to present a novelty to the market.

It’s the world’s first AMOLED display that is both flexible and rollable—that is, it can be used expandably, making the screen grow in size without changing the content on display.

According to BOE, the screen can be used to convert the size of a tablet to a smartphone or vice versa, without any hinge and with a dynamic movement that withstands at least 200,000 transformation cycles. As shown in the GIF below, part of the material is stored in a base and slides with the user’s command.

It is worth remembering that LG even demonstrated a smartphone with a sliding OLED screen during CES 2021, but the project was possibly canceled with the end of the company’s mobile division.

In addition to the flexible AMOLED display, BOE confirmed the start of mass manufacturing of new glass Mini LED panels, which can also be used in various products by interested partners.


For now, there is no forecast for the launch of a commercial smartphone with BOE’s slide-in display — devices with this technology could still take more than two years to appear in stores.

The model will also not yet be mass-produced, as no on-demand commercial partnerships have been established so far.