First Facts from his new movie Sherlock Junior


The first information came from Sherlock Junior, Netflix’s new Sherlock Holmes project, which will be launched in the upcoming periods. According to reports, experienced names Ehren Kruger and Matt Kuzma will be on the screenplay side of the film.

Netflix, the US-based media giant that recently released the movie Enola Holmes, which tells the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ sister, will apparently add a new one to its Sherlock Holmes projects. According to new information, the company is working on another Netflix Original movie called ‘Sherlock Junior’.

It is not known who will direct the film or which actors will be featured, but the names of the two authors added to the project have been shared. The first of these names will be American screenwriter Ehren Kruger, who is also a producer. The author has appeared in the script of several popular movies such as Disney’s recently re-shot Dumbo version, The Ring, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and Scream 3.

The second name to appear on the script side is said to be Matt Kuzma, who previously worked at Sony Picture Entertainment.

What will be the subject of Sherlock Junior?

The project has already been on Netflix’s agenda for some time, according to Whats’s on Netflix, and the first steps were taken with the authors found. In the film, Sherlock Holmes, one of the most iconic detectives in literary history, and his friend Dr. We’ll see the younger versions of Watson.

According to the information in the shared report, Sherlock Junior comes together with John Watson to solve the mystery behind a strange disappearance and the witch curse in their town, and the two embark on new adventures. What is known about the film is limited for now, but Netflix is ​​said to be hopeful about the project.

Netflix, which received full marks from both critics and viewers with its recently released Enola Holmes movie, is also working on The Irregulars, which tells the story of a gang of orphans who helped Sherlock solve crimes in London. The series is expected to meet the audience on Netflix screens next year.


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