First exchange to list CoinEx ONES


CoinEx, a global cryptocurrency exchange service provider, became the first exchange to list OneSwap’s ONES token and launched the ITO event.

OneSwap is a completely decentralized exchange protocol based on a smart contract. It has gained a lot of attention in the DeFi world lately, as it combines the automated market maker (AMM) model with a user-friendly interface, depth chart, price trends and trading volumes as well as the on-chain order book.

CoinEx rose to peaks in transaction volumes after adopting trans-fee mining. The exchange is now actively exploring how to participate in the DeFi ecological structuring during this year’s DeFi mining wave, and how CoinEx users can take advantage of it.

When DeFi started to make a name for itself in 2020, CoinEx became the first company to establish an Ecosystem Development Fund to foster the steady development of the DeFi ecosystem and help DeFi spread into the financial sector.

Since the establishment of the Ecosystem Development Fund, the CoinEx team has conducted in-depth research and analysis on dozens of DeFi projects worldwide. Finally, OnueSwap successfully received the first investment from the fund.

CoinEx listed the OneSwap token, ONES, and the Initial Trade Offering (ITO) event will run from September 19 to October 8. During this time, users will earn a corresponding mining reward when they complete a transaction.

Users can receive ONES rewards by trading on CoinEx. The total daily reward is 25,000 ONES, of which 20,000 are valid in the spot market. The remaining 5,000 ONES are dedicated to continuous futures contracts trading.


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