First Doctor’s Death Occurred in France Due to Coronary Virus


According to official figures, a doctor became the first victim of coronavirus in France, where more than 14 thousand people had coronavirus. Regarding the issue, the French Minister of Health made a statement.

A doctor in France became the first doctor to die in the country’s fight with the coronavirus. The country’s health minister, Olivier Veran, announced the news of death, while the doctor’s name was not disclosed.

It was tested on Saturday
French Health Minister Olivier Veran announced on Saturday that a doctor diagnosed with COVID-19 died. This was the first COVID-19 originated doctor death officially announced in France.

Minister Veran made his statement on the radio station RTL. The minister also said he would not be able to make any further statements on the subject. In France, coronavirus tests of more than 14 thousand people have been positive so far.

France, one of the countries most severely affected by the European epidemic, has 562 fatal cases in writing this news. This makes the country the third most critical country after Italy and Spain. It is stated that the number of people recovering is over 1500.

Isolation continues in France
Speaking to the radio station, the French Minister of Health said he wanted to draw attention to the “extraordinary courage” that doctors, nurses, firefighters and everyone who helps save lives every day.

France has closed itself to its home since Tuesday of last week and measures are being taken to avoid going out in the country. Except for reasons such as drug and food shopping, people are not allowed to leave the house. The country’s Prime Minister, Macron, also announced that they were in the initial phase of a crisis and therefore took extreme measures.

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Explaining that they have taken extraordinary measures to suppress the first wave, Macron also said that they plan to establish a field hospital in the Alsace region, where hospitals are having trouble catching up with patients. In this region, coronavirus cases are quite common.

France is currently the 17th country in the world with the most coronavirus cases.


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