First details of the new BioShock: New World


The return of the BioShock saga will be produced by the hand of Cloud Chamber Games, which has shared new details of the game, which will arrive for the next gen.

The first details of the new BioShock begin to appear on the network, which we remember was announced by 2K Games itself at the end of 2019. The developer who will succeed Irrational Games and Ken Levine, newly founded and called Cloud Chamber Studios, has published some offers of work in which several data of the project are advanced. The first of all is the graphic engine that the game will use, the Unreal Engine 4. The decision is not surprising (the saga has always used the Epic Games engine), but it is striking that it is not the latest version, the Unreal Engine 5, presented a few months ago in an impressive technical demo. Still, the offers confirm that the title will be for the new generation. There will be no version for PS4 and Xbox One, something that we already sensed when 2K Games declared that the new installment would be “in development for several years.”

“We want you to help us breathe life into a new fantasy world,” reads the description of one of the jobs. Does this mean that we will visit a new city? Will it keep up with Rapture and Columbia? “Together we will set the stage for an impressive storytelling adventure.” Ambition does not seem to be lacking and curiously, among the references given for the position of “Cinematic Artist” stands out an allusion to Wes Anderson, the famous film director (Isle of Dogs, The great Budapest hotel …). It seeks “your precision, style and way of positioning the camera” to “create and implement cinematic sequences” within the game. In Cloud Chamber Games they do not forget that Bioshock continues to be a first person shooter and they also look for people to help them “develop a combat system that serves as a paradigm for the genre and is accessible and satisfactory, allowing players to (be whatever their skill level) interact with a tremendously alive world. ” The gameplay will host “various styles of play, with confrontations that can be resolved through the ingenuity” of the person at the controls. Did anyone expect something else with the plasmids involved?

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