First detail image of the back of PS5: layout


A Chinese website shares an image in great detail of the back of Sony’s new console, so far little seen. New information and new details continue to arrive on PS5, Sony’s next-generation console that will go on sale on November 19 in Spain through two versions, a model with a disc reader for 499 euros and another model without a reader. and totally digital for 399 euros. And so far we have already been able to enjoy numerous images of the console and its accessories, especially in recent days thanks to the first impressions of numerous Japanese media and youtubers who have already been able to test the console. But its rear part has not starred in many images, remaining quite hidden from the general public; until now.

Fully intended for ventilation

So much so, that a Chinese website has published a photograph with good resolution and with enough quality so that we can see in detail the entire back of PlayStation 5, both its design and its different connections. Thus, and continuing with the style that characterizes the console, its rear part continues with the grid weave that we can see on the inside of it going through the front, although now in a massive way.

And is that the entire back of the console is a large ventilation grille in which the different connections such as an HDMI port, two USB inputs, an Ethernet port and the connection of the power cable are embedded. All this in black and that contrasts with the two side panels (or upper and lower, depending on the position of the console) in white. As a curiosity, this image corresponds to the model with a disc reader, as revealed by the small protuberance on one side where said reader is housed inside.

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