First Coronavirus Case Detected in France in December


A new study in France, where the first coronavirus case is considered to be seen in January, shows that the first case in the country was seen in December. The patient, who was determined to have coronavirus in December, was treated with pneumonia at that time and treated.

The coronavirus epidemic, which is seen all over the world, continues to be seen in France. Studies on coronavirus in France showed that the first coronavirus case in the country was seen on January 24. However, a doctor working near Paris announced that the first coronavirus case in the country occurred in December.

Dr. Yves Cohen, the chief physician of the emergency departments of Avicenne and Jean-Verdier hospitals near Paris, explained that the samples from a patient treated with pneumonia in December were tested and the tests were positive.

Samples of patients with flu and similar symptoms were tested
In an interview with the French BFMTV channel, Dr. Cohen said that he has examined the files of patients who applied to the hospital with flu and similar symptoms for a while in December and January.

Thanks to Dr. Cohen’s review, he identified 14 patients who showed flu and similar symptoms. After determining 14 patients, Cohen sent swab samples taken from these patients to their laboratory for coronavirus testing.

As a result of coronavirus tests applied to the swab samples of 14 patients, it was determined that one patient had a coronavirus. Saying that they are not sure about the test, Dr. Cohen explained that they carried out a second test with swab samples and the result of the second test was positive.

Reporting the findings of the patient who was treated with pneumonia in December after the coronavirus tests were positive, Dr. Cohen said that the doctors of other hospitals should also perform a coronavirus test on the samples of patients with symptoms similar to flu symptoms for the same period.

The patient whom Dr. Yves Cohen determined to have had a coronavirus in December stated that he did not go to a place with a coronavirus outbreak before and during his illness. The 50-year-old also added that he did not understand how he was caught with coronavirus.

The first case of coronavirus in France was seen on January 24
Studies on the spread of coronavirus in France showed that the first case of coronavirus in the country was detected in 3 people on January 24. Two of these people who were caught in coronavirus were found in Wuhan, China, where the outbreak was first seen. The third person infected with the disease was the relative of one in two in Wuhan.

The work of Dr. Yves Cohen shows that the coronavirus was seen in France one month before it was determined. Dr. Cohen explained that a detailed medical report on their work is still being prepared and will be completed this weekend. After the report is completed, the name International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents will be published in the international journal of microbiology.


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