First Corona Virus Vaccine Developed Prepares For Human Tests


A U.S. company has announced that it has developed a vaccine against the Corona virus and tests on humans will begin soon. Although the studies are exciting, it is not yet known when the vaccine will be ready for distribution.

The spread of the Corona virus shows no signs of slowing down, and anxiety is growing worldwide. After many canceled conferences and fairs, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are also facing a possible cancellation. Scientists, however, continue to work intensively in the background to develop anti-virus measures, and a US biotechnology company claims to have developed an outbreak vaccine.

The company Moderna has announced that it has developed the Corona virus vaccine and that the vaccine will be ready for human testing soon. The company, which produced the vaccine at its facilities in Massachusettes, provided examples to the US government to carry out further work. Judging by the timeline of the development of the vaccine, the results of tests on humans can be announced in early July.

According to preliminary reports, the vaccine requires two doses and is said to be safe. A double dose is expected to protect an adult person against Corona virus infection. Considering the development process of the Corona virus vaccine so far, there can be quite a rapid progress. Still, although the news is exciting, there are still a lot of questions to answer.

First of all, it is not known exactly whether the vaccine will be useful as intended and what its potential side effects are. Also, although the vaccine has proved to have minimal side effects, it is not yet clear how long the vaccines will be approved for distribution and what strategy healthcare providers can use to combat the spread of the virus using this new treatment.

Even the best scenario can result in a vaccine approved by healthcare institutions not ready for distribution by 2021. Healthcare providers have trouble predicting how the virus will progress, and how the world will be unpredictable when the vaccine is ready.


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